AOF / VACC Design Awards Scholarship

At the 2013 Awards, the Australian Overseas Foundation (AOF) and VACC enabled one lucky student to travel abroad to gain valuable work and life experiences. Sponsored by the Victorian Government, the scholarship was managed by AOF which has provided more than 300 overseas experiences to young Australians, since formation in 1956.

Monash University graduate, Kouhei Kawakami, was selected from a high class field to receive the inaugural scholarship. Then aged 21, Kouhei’s original plan was to fly to China to commence an internship at the Geely Automotive Design Studio in Shanghai for 12 months before returning to Victoria.

However, soon after leaving Australia, Kouhei was invited to attend a two week intensive recruitment process, for a full time position, at Mazda and we are delighted to report he was a successful candidate.

The Hon. Louise Asher, Minister for Innovation, Minister for Tourism and Major Events, and Minister for Employment and Trade agreed to the sponsorship of the overseas experience.

“Kouhei is a good example of the exciting skills and talents we foster here in Victoria and we are confident his overseas experiences will stand him in good stead for his future career in the automotive industry,” Minister Asher said.

“I am honoured to be the first recipient of this overseas scholarship. I am looking forward to learning new skills, and gaining valuable experiences, which I will share with work colleagues on my return. I would like to thank AOF and VACC for providing me with this opportunity and the Victorian Government for sponsoring the scholarship,” Kouhei said.







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